Monday, 21 November 2016

Why Bulk SMS Is Great For Promoting Your Products And Services

A business should always come with an effective measure of return or profits for their companies. Hence, it becomes very important to measure the return. For this, the technology of SMS is simple and within reach of most people around the world.

Here are the key features to measure returns on bulk SMS campaigns with custom developed software:

Transparency: Customers are very important for all the companies. Therefore, it is very essential for them to know as much about you as you would like to know about them. International bulk SMS India would allow you to ask for the minimum information from your customers, such as their name and mobile number available. This would allow you to send your detailed information to them through the transaction SMS provider. By this, you may get good feedback from your customers.

Offer discounts: Always offer some discounts on your messages. This will definitely give you a better aspect of receiving a return from International bulk SMS from India. This small step taken may return you a huge feedback at a time.

Add a code: While writing a message to your customers sometimes put a unique code in it such that, the customers will get a discount while purchasing from your store on producing it. This will automatically help you get an estimate of your return from the transitional SMS provider software.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Use Of SMS Gateway API In Banking Sector

SMS gateway may be defined as the process of sending or receiving of short message service to or from a network of telecommunication. This service is required in various fields, both professional and personal. The banking sector is one of them. SMS and banking are very much related to each other. The bank sends SMS to the clients to keep them updated about regular transactions. This is because of two reasons:

  • Sending SMS saves the time of both the bank as well as the clients.
  • Sending of SMS is economical rather than calling up all of the clients individually.
Operations of banking which is carried on by bulk SMS services given by a bulk SMS API provider may utilize either push and draw messages.

About Push Messages

Push messages are those that a bank conveys to a client's cell phone, without the client starting a demand for the data. Generally, a push message could be a promoting message or an alarm of an occasion which happens in the client's ledger. It might likewise be bulk messages sent by the bank with the help of bulk SMS API provider, to inform the client that some payment is expected, or that an Internet statement is prepared to be downloaded.

About Draw Messages 

Draw messages are basically the initiation of messages by the clients with the help of bulk SMS API India to get updated about banking transactions. This is very convenient for carrying on operations in the present day world.

SMS gateway has eased the regular banking transactions of everyday life.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Increasing Your Business With Bulk SMS Services

With the growing rivalry in the business world, it is more vital now to have set up marketing strategies which offer a focused edge. In the meantime, the approach of the versatile age and the help in the media transmission industry has made it feasible for practically each and every individual who falls in the class of your objective fragment to possess a cell phone. These variables have made it greatly feasible and fundamental for advertising arrangements to incorporate settling on bulk SMS administrations.

Connecting with Target Audiences: 

1. The essential advantage of actualizing a bulk SMS service is having the capacity to continually draw in with important clients and bait them back to your item or administration line.

2. The probabilities of efficiently communicating your message is a lot higher, in the case of opting for bulk SMS services, because the message is bound to go through it later even if the mobile is switched off at the time of sending out the message.

Financially affordable and Time Saving: 

1. Conveying transactional SMS services provider is not just more financially affordable as against expressly calling every individual on your database, however it is additionally efficient.

2. Since the system is online, it is likewise a financially affordable technique to get in contact with international audiences.

Investing into this system is keeping target groups of audiences totally educated with suitable data and is an incredible approach to guarantee consumer loyalty. Fittingly using these administrations help in boosting your business and executing an effective showcasing arrangement!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Benefits of using two factor authentication

Login security breaches have become very common recently. Malware, stolen passwords and phishing attacks have become very common. As a result, it has become essential to use more complex and stronger passwords. But, one time reliable passwords have become the weakest link. Even in a research it was found that that two-thirds of all breaches are particularly the result of stolen or weak passwords.

This is where two factor authentication or 2FA proves helpful. 2FA is an easy yet effective way of improving security via the user login sequence by just adding a second factor of authentication to the typical username and password.
Here are a few benefits of using two factor authentication.

Benefits of using two factor authentication

Your data is difficult to compromise 

Using 2FA not just adds an additional layer of protection to your account but also works as a warning. While an attacker can hack one layer of authentication, it is almost impossible to crack both. Moreover, companies generally use one time password as a second layer of authentication, which is usually sent of registered mobile number as an SMS.

You are alerted about any attempts made to access your account
2FA has a great advantage of alerting you about any unauthorized attempts made on your account to access your information. Like, getting an SMS with an OTP when you are not using your account. With two factor authentication, you are immediately made aware of any unauthorized logins, allowing you to take further security measures like updating your bank about the attack or changing your login details etc.

2FA is popularly used by banks and financial institutions. In addition, bulk SMS WordPress plugin allows you to automate the procedure by adding the functionality of SMS gateway in your system or website.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Explaining the two factor authentication

Two factor authentication or 2FA is usually considered as a type of security where a person must provide two types of security details to access private or confidential data. This type of security is considered to be a lot safer for the average internet user.

Having a password for your bank account seems like a great way to keep your assets and your identity safe. But the actual protection is ensured when you are asked to enter not just the password but also the bank card details that is given to you by the bank or the OTP is sent to you on your registered mobile number. This type of security is 2FA, where two layers of security is enabled.

Two factor authentication through SMS

 Today, a number of companies, businesses and industries are using 2 factor authentication to ensure safety of their users and their confidential data. Besides, WordPress SMS plugin make it easier to integrate this security feature in your website. Just add a plugin in your WordPress or Magento website and establish a strong and almost breach free security system. Magento SMS extension will automatically send OTP or One Time Password to customers whenever they will try to place an order or access their account.

Even companies like Google are using this security system for their account holders. The OTP can be sent to user’s phone and he will have a few minutes to enter the code or password into the given area on the computer screen. 2FA is an intelligent security option for anyone who wants to ensure safety and protection of personal information. It can assist prevent data theft and online scams.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Bulk SMS- Influence on Different Sectors

Bulk SMS is emerging as a fruitful way of communication in every industrial sector of the world because of its various benefits over the other ways of text communication. One of the biggest advantage is that it is more reliable when compared to email, as it doesn’t have to battle against spam or other email filters. Bulk SMS Service is relatively fast, the message takes on an average 7 seconds to get delivered to the receiver. The other means of communication tool are also incredibly fast, but nothing compares hastening of SMS.

The sectors in which the use of bulk SMS is rapidly increasing are following :

Education : Today smartphones are widely popular amongst youngsters. Educational institutes are taking full advantage of it. They are notifying each information to the students and parents through SMS. In case of short situations, such as change in weather condition, bus timings, in time-table and the notification regarding practice session and timing of events, cancellation of upcoming events, the institutes can send information through SMS. Parents can get notified about PTA meetings.    
Educational institutes also use bulk SMS to send examination date notification, result announcements, upgrade their account.

Retail/ E-Commerce : In retail or e-commerce sector bulk SMS has seen a steady growth which makes it highly usable by every company. These companies take the benefit of bulk SMS to influence the audience by sending promotional offers or discounts. Order confirmation alerts and shipping confirmation, greetings on occasions are send so that they can know about their product details.
Banks/ Financial Services :  Customers get their account details on their phones through bulk SMS. By this, they don’t have to go banks for every information which saves their time and money too. Banks send the transactional messages, due payment notification, one-time password (OTP), offer loans etc.

Airline/ Travel : Travel agencies use bulk SMS for sending ticket confirmation, season offer messages, delay in the flights, flight cancellation notification .

Automobiles : Automobiles companies attract the customer by sending test drive event messages which increase their sales and promotion too. Even these companies send customer feedback survey messages to know about how the customers are feeling while using their automobiles, the problems faced by them or etc. Customers get their service details through the bulk SMS gateway API .   

With so many people chronically attached to their phones, it’s no surprise that bulk SMS has become  the best way to communicate with them.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How Two Factor Authentication Makes Your Business Secure

As cyber-criminals become more smart and ingenious every day, our passwords are being growingly unsuccessful at keeping prowlers out.

The fact is that now mostly mandatory practice of using a symbol and capital letter in your password lets you a few degrees more safety against unnecessary access to your private details, even the most regular hackers have details to software and hardware able to decipher it with worrying effortlessness, as well as being able to decept users with a phishing email, which any imperfect cyber-criminal can make.

Two factor authentication puts in an additional layer of safety to the normal single factor authentication that most of us are using, i.e., passwords or pin codes. Nowadays, hackers are more than well-prepared to decode passwords in a few seconds, even that quick password you have for your email id where you used a '3' as an alternative of an 'e' is at jeopardy.

Here is an example of how it might function in a workplace environment:-

1. The user goes through the login page of their work email id.

2. The user feeds their single PIN into a key fob or phone app committed to the login system, which then creates a time-sensitive password.

3. This password, along with the users' user id, is inserted into the suitable field on the login page.

4. These are then delivered through an access gateway, to the verification servers for verification.

5. The verification servers after that accept the details, at which point the user gets access to their system, or refuses them, and definitely the user will not get access to that.

It is feasible in various cases however, for hackers to take benefit of the 'recover password' attribute a large number of systems offer to users. This emphasizes the significance of selecting security questions other people would get very difficult to answer properly.

After a while, as with every new security evaluation, two factor authentication through Bulk SMS Services will become less successful against hacking attacks, so if you take your web safety seriously it is essential to stay updated with the newest safety methods.