Monday, 20 March 2017

Google Sheet Data Forwarding- How to Share Documents?

One of the most powerful features of Google Docs is the capability to share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with others, so you can collectively revise those documents together in real-time from all over the world.

Collaborators on a document can see, comment on, or even make modifications to the document, on the basis of permissions you give them. There is not at all a reason to email document attachments or combine edits from different copies of a document another time.

Google Docs makes it easy to share and work together on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and there is a number of methods you can put it to use. Now, that you understand how to share documents in Google Docs, and can organize a number of helpful settings, it is time to put it to use. Google Spreadsheets may also be used to send bulk SMS.

Whereas you would not require others to help you edit each single document you make, Google Sheet Data Forwarding or sharing documents in Google docs can come in actually handy though. Here, are some examples of when you might look to work together and put sharing documents in Google Docs to good use:
  • keep team reunion notes in one joint document
  • brainstorm thoughts for an upcoming project as a collection
  • make a list for your dinner party, and request guests to add what they prepare on bringing
  • let friends comment on a speech you are noting down for your best friend’s marriage
  • assign parts of a project to different people, but have everybody report their findings on the same document
  • share the grocery list with your other half, or the task list with your roommates or children

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

API SMS and its Essential Features

An application programming interface or API is a set of programming standards, rules and instructions for going through a web-based application. SMS APIs are usually released to the public to allow developers to authorize their services with the API.

The end user only perceives single interface, but at the backend, different APIs are working collectively and incorporating into SMS solutions to provide a flawless experience.

Key features

  • Incorporate SMS into your business application, software and websites
  • Send bulk SMS from your application
  • Real-time delivery report via API SMS
  • Sample code present for quick download
  • Send concatenated or long message upto four fifty nine characters
  • Management alternatives
  • Personalized sender ID, personalized SMS in place of a mobile number
  • Credit balance via API
  • Multiple number, bulk sending facilitated
  • Delivery reports also accessible via web interface
  • Buy message credits online via Net Banking or Credit Card

An SMS API interface permits app developers like you the chance to send and receive short SMSs from your desktop or mobile apps. When you authorize your business with appropriate API alternatives you create new methods to link with your application users, which improve communication as well as revenue.

Once we incorporate the bulk SMS API in any of the application, the application activates the HTTP API call with all the parameters whenever needed. The needed parameters such as SMS Service URLs, User Names, Passwords, Mobile Numbers, Messages, etc. As soon as call goes to the HTTP API, the API along with all the parameters will be sent to SMS gateway server and the SMS gateway assess all the parameters and involuntarily the message will be sent to the provided number without logging into the SMS panel itself.

Without a doubt, selecting the best SMS API for your business requirements should be a priority! So, just go to bulk SMS login page and start your SMS campaign.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Bulk SMS- An Effective Way of Marketing

SMS is an abbreviated form of short messaging service, the protocol that brings in text messaging on mobile networks. This traffic is restricted and delivered by mobile service providers. SMS outside a network gets entry via portals called as SMS gateways.

Just as in bulk email, text SMSs do not succeed to deliver for several reasons. Not all aggregators have the ability to effectively report back this detail to their clients. The speed between the client delivering and the end user getting the message can vary greatly, as well. Different processes of getting through an aggregator gateway for flexibility at the client's end should be accessible, as well as discounted for big purchases. Businesses are also suggested to verify on the accessibility of single short codes. Delivering short message service to potential customers  is an easy task than talking and marketing business door to door. It mainly requires an SMS or an email that is very easy.

Most aggregators provide web-based interfaces for sending a client's bulk SMS content. More often than not, this easy method includes inputting content and suggesting which mobile users are to obtain it. APIs are also broadly present to let businesses to incorporate this bulk SMS ability into their present software work flow. There is free as well as paid bulk SMS service available and you may select any of them as per your business need.

Overall, bulk SMS has become a significant method to reach a large number of users without difficulty. With the paths of access to the networks that support text SMS restricted by marketable interests, it is essential to find a company to work with that is both dependable and inexpensive. Thus, a good MSG91 bulk SMS provider should be able to deliver references to back up their service claims.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Benefits of Integrating SMS API into Your WordPress Website

One of the essential things to success of any business and particularly online business is on-the-spot receptiveness to the clients’ requirements. Now, question is how much an app for a business can improve communication between the business itself and the customers. Though, there are some other solutions that can, to some degree, make up for the nonappearance of a mobile application. Among these solutions are the SMS platforms providing various SMS services that increase mobile communication. Integration of such services is done through SMS API integration for website offered by the SMS platforms.

Integration of SMS API can be a good supplement to the general practice of cooperating with the SMTP service provider that eases marketing, emailing and messaging. One of the integration of the SMS feature into WordPress website would allow sending SMS left by the users via the Contact form in a straight line to the mobile phone. Therefore, a business can keep in contact with the viewers of the website during any time of the day and in case of crisis reply to them fast or pass the required problem for extra investigation.

MSG91 SMS API is one of the most popular SMS services for web application with more than 35,000 happy users. One of the noticeable benefits of SMS API is its trial period, so one can ensure that this very API goes with their anticipations before paying for its convention and only then make a verdict on even if to pay for it or not. It also provides customized messaging from the website to the customers and SMS alert of admin in case of server problems. On the whole, being well-sustained, SMS API appears to be easy-to-use and reliable.

Overall, using WordPress SMS API integration will really benefit you with your SMS marketing campaign.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

SMS Integration in WooCommerce System

Have you ever thought like you are a part of a family when shopping online?
Imagine, if after shopping for your favorite product you would get a custom text SMS right away, involving individual thanks and the detail that your shopping has been successful, you know what would happen next?

A vigilant touch will greatly enhance customers’ trust towards the organization they have selected to purchase from! And, the direct outcome of this is that they will feel indulged and cared for.

All thanks to an easy text message. It involves sending SMS using PHP, Java, Opencart, WooCommerce, WordPress, etc.

Companies that send text SMS to their customers going after their purchases or to notify them about any probable issue are generally recognized as dependable ones. Just think about it: your bank sends you a text SMS alert when you do a bank transaction, large clothing stores send their customers’ text messages as well, then what about you?

Thanks to WooCommerce SMS integration, you can start delivering customized text messages to your customers at once, sending them details of any modification in the position of the order they placed.

In order to send these text SMS, various different gateways are used, so you will be able to obtain them as well.

In case, if you need to be notified through SMS for every processed purchase and any order gone incorrectly in your store, you will be able to do this with a few clicks and you will have your overall sales under control.

Keep your customers happy by offering automated SMS order updates via WooCommerce SMS. So, send SMS alerts to customers when their order status is reorganized and get a text message when a customer places a new order.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Magento SMS Gateway Integration for Ecommerce Business

Magento is one of the most important e-commerce platforms in use these days. The leading SMS plugin for Magento is to bring you a leading SMS service that can benefit from low SMS costs.

It brings the ease of SMS customer service, branding as well as marketing to Magento. It is developed from starting to offer the final as in eventual SMS solution for merchants looking to add and increase the authority of SMS to their e-commerce tactic using Magento. In addition, joining this with low cost SMS gateway is an ideal combination.

Short overview of the features:

  • Mobile number confirmation (Before sign up or purchase)
  • Sending of text messages configurable for any transactional email
  • Incorporates into all third party extensions that send transactional emails
  • Scheduled or custom text SMS to all customers, groups, backend or single users
  • Complete multi store support, including time-zone identification for planned messages
  • Smart template variables and length computation – No cropped or suddenly long text messages
  • Real-time sample of real SMS on order updates, depicting customer name, etc. and comment
  • Widespread logging, including support for delivery reports (real delivery to mobile) which most gateways offer

Costs indication

Overall, Magento SMS gateway integration allows you to send text messages to your customers or administrators all over various events in your Magento store. So, enhance customer service and notify customers through SMS to develop a great level of trust. Also, get deeper relationship with your customers and create stronger customer dependability with the help of bulk SMS marketing.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Why to send bulk SMS for fulfilling your business needs?

SMS is one of the best services through which we can interact with a lot of people at the same time. Primarily, when we deliver multiple SMS it remains on the server of the service provider and then it is delivered to different contacts who get the SMS almost at the same time. People who are out of the mobile network will get the SMS once they get into the network and those who have their mobile switched off will get the message when they switch on their mobile.

If the recipients’ mobiles are not active, they might get messages at another time. When the message goes to the target recipient, sender might get a delivery message as verification. Due to its dependability and quick delivery, bulk SMS has become a successful marketing medium in the present time. Also as it is inexpensive and effective, it has become an appreciated method in the corporate world to not just market their products, but to deliver information, data or essential invitation to prospective clients, employees, business associates and other suppliers. Businesses may also opt for Wordpress SMS plugin to make their Wordpress website successful.

Bulk SMS saves company’s time and excessive hassle of sending email or different type of communication, which is not as successful as the SMS service. These days, you might not have to trust on SMS service providers to deliver multiple messages, you can use a bulk SMS software that is readily present in the market to deliver a large number of SMS to as many people as you want within a single click. As bulk SMS software has personalized alternatives, you can make your own recipient groups; manage delivery time and the SMS marketing campaign successfully. Therefore, finding out how to send bulk SMS will definitely fulfill your all business needs.