Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How Hospitals can Use SMS Gateway India

Good health is very essential for the people of any country. There are various hospitals as well as healthcare organizations that care and serve organizations all over the world unswervingly and obliquely. Mobile technology brings in new prospect to healthcare organization to do simple interaction and develop responsiveness within people.

For hospital/healthcare industry, a pulse of time plays essential role in patient’s life. A minute’s delay can create a loss of health or life of the patient. The liability of the healthcare industry is to provide their medical services successively and fast to the concerned person. Health care industry has to keep a continuous relationship with the patient even after the patient’s revival.
By integrating bulk SMS service into IT system, health care organizations find various benefits like they can approach more people at the same time, notifications of health care details, reminders can be delivered to patient, employees as well as partners.

An SMS gateway India is a simplest tool accessible for delivering an SMS to your intended audience quickly. SMS gateway delivers SMS in a large quantity without any breakdown. It is a web based SMS application used to send text SMS to people or groups for quality interaction.

Through bulk SMS gateway service hospitals:

Can send bulk SMS all over India
Free HTTP bulk SMS API
Can send SMS through CSV, and Excel-sheet
Can upload contacts through CSV, and Excel-sheet
Can get quick and 100% bulk SMS delivery
Can get graphical delivery reports with export facility

Advantages & Features

Lifetime and unrestricted SMS validity
Simple and fast SMS panel to use
Guarantee of 99% SMS server up-time
DND (Do Not Disturb) filter SMS server
Send bulk SMS through excel sheet
24x7 client support
Plan SMS
WAP push SMS
Free HTTP, and XML SMS API documentation
Active bulk SMS can be personalized with Excel-sheet

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How to Send Bulk SMS at Affordable Cost

In this world of mobile insurgency, it is very significant to keep in contact with technology at all times and bulk SMS are the quickest method for sending details within groups to various members, just within seconds. On the other hand, with the ever so strict regulations and restrictions on SMS services, online bulk SMS service comes as a benefit to all tech savvy people.

How to Send Bulk SMS 

By using SMS services of any service provider, you can find out how to send bulk SMS online to any mobile number in India through a easy process. Bulk SMS service provider leaves behind your concern of excessive charges on sending bulk SMS.

So, you can send bulk SMS or OTP SMS at the most reasonable cost with the quickest text messaging service, MSG91. The easy and effective bulk SMS solution helps you deliver messages to various users with the easy to use interface. The best bulk SMS service provider allows you to send business SMS to enhance your business fast and without any issues. Just send bulk SMS in India or international with the assurance of fast delivery and economical cost. You can select from the variety of pricing plans to pay only for what goes with your specific requirement.

The bulk SMS service is simply accessible on all devices involving laptop, desktop and an Internet enabled cell phone. All you require is an Internet connection to use affordable bulk SMS service from any place and at any time.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Opencart SMS Extension for Your E-commerce Business Growth

Opencart SMS extension allows you to send bulk SMS alerts to customers with details about  their order status. As this add-on helps in keeping customers updated about the present order status, it improves trust in your business and eventually the sales level from your store gets increased.

Opencart SMS extension features:-

1. In Opencart online ecommerce store, this SMS alert add-on is simple for installation.
2. Customer gets details through SMS, no requirement of verifying the mail.
3. SMS are always shown at the delivered time, but an email can be considered spam sometimes.
4. SMS alert is sent to customer and an admin, when the order gets placed.
5. SMS alert to customer when order gets terminated.
6. If order gets placed, then the SMS alert to customer describing the order effectively placed with order ID.
7. If order position changes to shipping, then the customers gets the SMS alert such as order shipped with tracking number and shipping provider’s name.
8. If order position changes to delivery, then the customers get the SMS alert such as order successfully delivered.

Significant advantages for merchant:

1. Merchant gets an SMS alert after order gets placed successfully.
2. Let the admin to append more than one number for getting the SMS.
3. This add-on lets merchant deliver the SMS to customer about their order position.
4. Due to SMS alert add-on, customers have trust in your business and sales level gets increased.
Overall, Opencart SMS extension helps you send bulk SMS and increase your online business.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Why Bulk SMS in India is Very Popular Promotion Method

Nations like India is catching up technology very fast. And, India occurs to be one of the world’s quickest growing smartphone markets. This has developed both issues as well as solutions for small businesses as they require keeping their target audience informed and connected with significant business updates.

Even if it is marketing offer to increase sales. And, about some latest product or any change in the plans. The requirement of delivering this information to customers on time is the only process to have an additional benefit in this competitive business organization. And, when it comes to a big question of how to reach a large number of customers in a short span of time, then bulk email and bulk SMS India solutions are the most pleasing answers.

Popularity of SMS and its usage is on the growth, and expected to increase more in coming years.
  • 7 in 10 people say that they used a discount coupon code from a marketing SMS in the week before.
  • SMS marketing solutions were once considered a marketing forum for a youth audience, but that is no more the scene. In fact, 81% of all mobile users take benefit of text messages.
  • Brands or companies using bulk SMS as a solution successfully target 95% of smartphone and simple mobile phone users.

Apart from it, there are various SMS solutions available such as opencart SMS extension, wordpress SMS API, whmcs SMS, etc. which may use to further improve your business sales.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Magento SMS API- A Success Key for Online Store Owners

Magento as the most important e-commerce platform has made things significantly easy for both-buyers and sellers. Various feature-rich community APIs are available in Magento that can be developed to work as per the needs. E-commerce business is all about expediency of customer service, which is only feasible with the integration of effective operations on the online store. Magento SMS API provides complete control of the store to online merchants with no malfunction in the process flow. The smooth Magento SMS integration with API developed by service providers, make it look like SMS was always an essential part of Magento.

 Important features of Magento SMS API:

1. SMS sending is configured with a transactional email
2. Authentication of mobile number just before buying or registration
3. SMS scheduling for backend or single users, all groups and clients
4. All third-party incorporation with extensions to send email transaction
5. Despite a complete multi-store support, there is also an addition of time-zone recognition for listed messages
6. There is a real-time SMS preview for client name, order updates, and comments, etc.
7. No lengthy & cropped SMS due to effective variables for template and length calculation
SMS API for Magento brings the comfort and expediency to the customers, and helps them promote their stores. It lets you send alerts to your customers about their orders, credit memo, invoice and shipping events. It permits you to expand mobile services to your customers and helps them retain for longer period.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How Online SMS Service is the Most Successful Client Retention Tool?

From youngsters to the marketing magnates, the power of SMS services is indisputable. The simplicity with which you can create a text message, add the recipient's' information and send it makes the online SMS service the best choice for quick communication. Whereas sending SMS from mobile is extensively popular, the business sector is looking for most effective ways of sending bulk text messages for communication and marketing use. One such technique of sending a large number of messages is online SMS.

An online SMS is fundamentally a text message delivered from the web. You do not need to set up any software to send SMS from the web. All you require is an online SMS service provider that can help you run the web SMS service for your account. Once the setup is done there is nothing that can stop you from interacting with your far-reaching customers.

When you send SMS online, you no longer depend on your mobile phone for creating text messages, getting contact information and checking the length of the SMS. In an online SMS marketing campaign, you can handle your contact information, create the text message and offer extra features to the message at your own expediency.

The evident advantages of online SMS service have persuaded marketers to send SMS online. Businesses have been authorized to attain different goals with the help of online SMS service. Apart from it, two factor authentication method is another essential advantage to online SMS service.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Why Do You Need Bulk SMS Service?

When you consider sending SMS to your potential or present customers, the primary thing you want to know is to whom to contact for this kind of facility? Mobile network operator or IT team? Well, whom you actually require contacting is a bulk SMS service provider. This post will help you in understanding that who is a bulk SMS provider and what services they can offer you.

Bulk SMS providers are software companies that offer an appropriate software and support needed for integration of marketing campaigns. Bulk SMS Gateway India service provider is the significant link between you and MNOs, i.e., Mobile Network Operators. There are various MNOs operating in different regions. SMS service providers have contracts with appropriate MNOs to make sure smooth and fast delivery of your SMS across all regions. They manage your SMS delivery through different alternative routes to make sure delivery in spite of traffic at an MNO in any specific region.

Bulk SMS providers offer you software to deliver SMS. This software is also called as SMS Gateway. SMS service provider can offer you personalized SMS gateways. Most generally an SMS gateway already has everything you require.

Apart from it, a service provider provides you with services such as two-factor authentication, OTP, SMS API, etc. However, if you require something more, an SMS service provider can help you with it. For e.g., the standard length of an SMS is 160 characters. If your message is more than 160 characters, then your SMS provider can help you with this unique feature. The SMS service provider can also incorporate the gateway with your present database or other applications as per your need.