Monday, 19 September 2016

Bulk SMS- Influence on Different Sectors

Bulk SMS is emerging as a fruitful way of communication in every industrial sector of the world because of its various benefits over the other ways of text communication. One of the biggest advantage is that it is more reliable when compared to email, as it doesn’t have to battle against spam or other email filters. Bulk SMS Service is relatively fast, the message takes on an average 7 seconds to get delivered to the receiver. The other means of communication tool are also incredibly fast, but nothing compares hastening of SMS.

The sectors in which the use of bulk SMS is rapidly increasing are following :

Education : Today smartphones are widely popular amongst youngsters. Educational institutes are taking full advantage of it. They are notifying each information to the students and parents through SMS. In case of short situations, such as change in weather condition, bus timings, in time-table and the notification regarding practice session and timing of events, cancellation of upcoming events, the institutes can send information through SMS. Parents can get notified about PTA meetings.    
Educational institutes also use bulk SMS to send examination date notification, result announcements, upgrade their account.

Retail/ E-Commerce : In retail or e-commerce sector bulk SMS has seen a steady growth which makes it highly usable by every company. These companies take the benefit of bulk SMS to influence the audience by sending promotional offers or discounts. Order confirmation alerts and shipping confirmation, greetings on occasions are send so that they can know about their product details.
Banks/ Financial Services :  Customers get their account details on their phones through bulk SMS. By this, they don’t have to go banks for every information which saves their time and money too. Banks send the transactional messages, due payment notification, one-time password (OTP), offer loans etc.

Airline/ Travel : Travel agencies use bulk SMS for sending ticket confirmation, season offer messages, delay in the flights, flight cancellation notification .

Automobiles : Automobiles companies attract the customer by sending test drive event messages which increase their sales and promotion too. Even these companies send customer feedback survey messages to know about how the customers are feeling while using their automobiles, the problems faced by them or etc. Customers get their service details through the bulk SMS gateway API .   

With so many people chronically attached to their phones, it’s no surprise that bulk SMS has become  the best way to communicate with them.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How Two Factor Authentication Makes Your Business Secure

As cyber-criminals become more smart and ingenious every day, our passwords are being growingly unsuccessful at keeping prowlers out.

The fact is that now mostly mandatory practice of using a symbol and capital letter in your password lets you a few degrees more safety against unnecessary access to your private details, even the most regular hackers have details to software and hardware able to decipher it with worrying effortlessness, as well as being able to decept users with a phishing email, which any imperfect cyber-criminal can make.

Two factor authentication puts in an additional layer of safety to the normal single factor authentication that most of us are using, i.e., passwords or pin codes. Nowadays, hackers are more than well-prepared to decode passwords in a few seconds, even that quick password you have for your email id where you used a '3' as an alternative of an 'e' is at jeopardy.

Here is an example of how it might function in a workplace environment:-

1. The user goes through the login page of their work email id.

2. The user feeds their single PIN into a key fob or phone app committed to the login system, which then creates a time-sensitive password.

3. This password, along with the users' user id, is inserted into the suitable field on the login page.

4. These are then delivered through an access gateway, to the verification servers for verification.

5. The verification servers after that accept the details, at which point the user gets access to their system, or refuses them, and definitely the user will not get access to that.

It is feasible in various cases however, for hackers to take benefit of the 'recover password' attribute a large number of systems offer to users. This emphasizes the significance of selecting security questions other people would get very difficult to answer properly.

After a while, as with every new security evaluation, two factor authentication through Bulk SMS Services will become less successful against hacking attacks, so if you take your web safety seriously it is essential to stay updated with the newest safety methods.

Monday, 5 September 2016

One Time Password (OTP) - Secure and Quick Authentication

One-time passwords or OTPs help in making the two factor authentication method even more secure because they are suitable for only one login session. They are safer than a stationary password, particularly a user-generated password, which is normally weak — it needs knowledge and carefulness to create and memorize strong passwords.

There are different methods to make a user attentive of the next OTP to make use of. The alternatives available normally come under two categories:
Hard token-based solutions involve key fobs and smart cards and Tokenless or soft token processes like mobile applications or biometrics. These soft methods make use of devices, applications, and communication channel users have by now. On-demand tokens may be regarded as a subset of soft tokens and involve solutions that send one time password through SMS or email.

When thinking about the alternatives for authentication methods, a company must address three main areas like cost, risk, and user experience. Apart from selecting one method over another, it is all about choosing the best solution for users and the kind of information that requires being protected.

Benefits of SMS for OTP

Save money
You can save huge money on the purchase of hard and soft token licenses.

Improved ROI
A client with 10,000 users could save over 150% ROI in the initial year by shifting from hard tokens to SMS API.

Enhance user experience
Take benefit of the one thing your users already bring with them all over the place they go.

Improve your safety stance
Increasing two factor authentication to 100% of your client base.

Requirements for sending OTPs by SMS

If you want to send OTPs by SMS, then:

  • You must create an account for an SMTP to SMS service that can deliver SMS to mobile phones in your country.

  • Find out the address layout for sending SMS over email. Every service provider uses a different layout.

  • Each user must have the mobile number characteristic set.

So, if you are looking for the best OTP SMS service, then using services like bulk SMS India would be a great option for you.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Two Factor Authentication and its Benefits

Two factor authentication is a security method that uses two phases or forms of authentication before protected data can be seen. Its main aim is similar to single factor authentication, excluding one significant difference. In single factor authentication, there is no need to give anything other than a user ID and password. In two-factor authentication, a user ID and password will be needed, plus other important information. This is to reinforce security measures and further make information more secured.

With authentication, a person enters a user ID and password, then more information is required for identity authentication purposes. At this stage, the person may be asked to provide with a pass mark, generally to confirm that a user linked image is being publicized. Sometimes, a pass mark can be a question fixed by the user himself when he initially created his log in credentials.

Two Factor Authentication and its Benefits

This authentication method is also used in different offline applications. A very normal example is getting into secured premises by giving a numeric code, then passing through a biometric test for confirming the identity of a person. This type of authentication generally makes use of sensors for fingerprint verification. A match between the earlier entered passcode, the verified fingerprint and the fingerprint stored in the list means the person may be entered into the premises. Apart from fingerprint scanning, the method may also use facial scanning, optic scanning and voice identification.

Online payments done through credit cards could also amplify security problems for their owners. Hackers are everywhere nowadays, and they can simply get access to bank account or credit card details when no dependable security measures are employed. With hacking there comes theft of identity, which can have very critical outcomes for the victim. Even offline, increasing criminality rates have made it all the more significant to use tokenless two-factor authentication methods for secured areas.

At last, security violations are now more common than ever before. So, make your proprietary, company, and customer data safe with two-factor authentication or 2FA. Also, delivery of one time password through Bulk SMS Services as a secondary means of authentication allows for on-demand authentications anytime, and anywhere.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Two factor authentication- is your information really safe without using it?

Two factor authentication or 2FA is a method that has enhanced the safety of hundreds of organizations. With this technique, you can make sure your clients' details is free from interruption, and that the fundamental information of your whole company is secure from the risk of hackers, deception, and theft of identity.

The know-how of the two factor system can benefit almost every company because it needs you and your employees to fill in two forms of verification before computer data can be seen through one time password. This method makes your company secure, and by doing so it keeps your business running properly. We all understand how much damage an untimely disruption in the workflow can be.

Any business or government information without two factor authentication is in danger to a certain extent. Here are a few who are most susceptible to threats.

  • Medical facility that uses computers to store and go through patient details and records.
  • Organizations that use guests or provisional employees.
  • Organizations that have employees who travel as a consultant and sales representative.
  • Businesses whose employees allocate close working vicinities or work on the same computer.
  • Businesses that appoint employees to work from home in parts where access to the company information is essential.
  • Online banking organizations.
  • Schools and universities.

What kind of information do you hold?

Two factor authentication through bulk SMS services was expanded to do more than just defend your clients. It can offer you another level of security within the security infrastructure of your organization. This is significant as every company has details that it must look after. Here are some regular piece of information that two factor authentication can help in keeping secure.
  1. Client database
  2. Patient health details
  3. Personal employee contact details
  4. Other employee details such as social security numbers and earnings
  5. Receptive research outcomes
  6. Criminal documents
  7. Client details like contact and financial details
  8. Credit card details
  9. Student information
Overall, two factor authentication is a method being used by a large number of companies around the world, and the number is increasing day by day. So, to look after the interests of your clients and your organization, why shouldn't you use this method as well?

Monday, 8 August 2016

Make Your Account Protected Using One Time Password

Two-factor authentication, also known as multi-factor or multi-step authentication, is an authentication method to check two times that your individuality is valid. When you want to sign into your account, you need to verify your account with username and password, which is the primary authentication layer. Two factor authentication or one time password works as an additional step in the procedure, which is a second security layer to confirm your identity once more.

Its main aim is to make attackers’ life difficult and decrease fraud risks. If you already follow fundamental password security evaluations, two-factor verification will make it very hard for cyber criminals to enter into your account.

One Time Password Services


However, you should not anticipate it to work like a magic baton that will amazingly make your accounts safer. It cannot keep the dreadful guys away perpetually, but it lessens their possibility to succeed.

There are three main categories of authentication factors:

1. Something that you understand: This can be a password, a PIN code or answer to an undisclosed question.

2. Something that you already have: This is always related to a physical device like a token, a mobile phone, a SIM card, a USB stick, a key fob, an identity card.

3. Something that you are: This is a biological aspect like a face or voice recognition, DNA, fingerprint, retina scan or handwriting. However, some of these are quite costly, so, if you do not work in a top secret or mission impossible type of facility, you most likely do not have this type of authentication method integrated.

Time and location attributes can also be used. For instance, if you log into your account and somebody attempts to log in from a different country ten minutes later, the system could involuntarily obstruct them.

Two-factor authentication is a must-have method for Online banking, Online shopping, Email, Cloud storage accounts, Accounts on social networks, Productivity apps, Password managers, Communication apps.

In the end, two-factor authentication through Bulk SMS Services improves security, but it is not the best solution in all cases. Using the wrong 2FA solution can trouble users with slight security benefit. Knowing your users and the security risks you face is the key to an effective deployment of two factor authentication.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Why One Time Password is Necessary for Secure Transactions?

A one time password expands a user ID and password system by giving an additional dynamic password, so to converse. User IDs and passwords are fixed. If they stay unchanged, a hacker can crack them and use them every time. Thus, a user or administrator has to alter them regularly. On the other hand, an OTP gets changed in every 30 to 60 seconds.

There’s an ongoing dispute within the community of information security about the dependability of OTP tokens for verification. Critics say that a hacker can break into the system with a middleman attack, which is when a hacker cuts off the token value in real-time, along with the user IDs and passwords. However, again this attacker or hacker would have to act quickly and use the OTP or one time password value within the short time, i.e., between 30 to 60 seconds. In spite of this possibility, OTP tokens are still broadly considered trustworthy for two factor authentication.

OTP SMS for Two Factor Authentication

An OTP is safer than a fixed password, particularly a user-generated password, which is in general weak. OTPs may put back verification login information or may be used additionally to it, to add another layer of security.

OTP tokens are generally pocket-size fobs with a small screen that shows a number. The number gets altered every 30 to 60 seconds, which is based on how the token is put together. For two factor authentication, the user has to enter their user ID, PIN and the OTP to enter the system That received through Bulk SMS.

For example, if you are in the process of buying a product online, you will be requested your identity number, user name or login ID after which you will have to add a transaction ID; this along with the login ID makes sure and safely recognizes you as the genuine account holder and moves forward with the transaction. In case, where there is an uncertainty about the legitimacy of the user, banks and other financial organizations use a one time password (OTP) authentication method that is sent to the listed mobile phone of the customer as a significant part of the log in process; this only works for customers who have listed their smart or mobile phone numbers with the bank or any other organization.

Therefore, by the above discussion, it can be agreed that one-time passwords are essential for secure transactions.